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The NAC air curtain acts as a thermal barrier,
considerably reducing energy costs while raising the level of comfort.

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    The NAC air curtain from NAD Klima is used primarily in industrial areas, warehouses as well as distribution and transshipment centers.
    The air curtain is installed either horizontally or vertically depending on the size of the garage door or installation conditions.
    Installation of the NAC air curtain ensures that hot or fresh air is kept on the premises regardless of the frequency or duration of time that the doors are open.



    ANSI/UL Std. 507
    CAN/CSA Std. C22.2 No. 113


       • Promotes a more comfortable work environment.

       • Prevents the loss of hot or cold air.

       • Prevents the formation of ice close to the doors.

       • Controls the infiltration of dust and insects.

       • Energy savings.

       • Easy to install and adaptable to all garage door structure.

       • Compact and and lightweight.

       • Low electricity consumption.

    Areas of application

       • Warehouses

       • Unloading docks

       • Industrial areas

       • New or existing buildings

       • Distribution centers

       • Car dealers

       • Transportation companies

       • Exhibition Centers

       • All buildings with a garage door

     Made Canada



Economical use  •  Guaranteed performance  •  Energy saver

Easy to install  •  Low maintenance  •  No heating required



    NAC spot 1

    Rugged construction for minimum maintenance.
    Aluminum casing with closed chambers for easy access.
    Its solid construction and integrated parts assure minimum maintenance.

    NAC spot 2

    Unique design for efficient air distribution

    The jet nozzles have been developed by NAD Klima to provide optimal performance of the air jet.
    The design allows full projection of the air jet for doors of over 24 feet (7.5m) in height.
    The nozzles are also angled towards the door in order to increase the efficiency of the curtain.
    Smaller nozzles are inserted between the main nozzles in order to eliminate any infiltration for exterior air.

    NAC spot 3

    High performance economical fans

    These fans recirculate hot air from the upper part of the building through the spray nozzles.
    Energy efficient single or three phase fans are available in 115,volts.

    NAC spot 4

    High quality finish

    The polyester thermo-lacquered finish, leaves an easy to clean, durable smooth finish.
    Choice of colors from the RAL color chart (additional charges may apply).


Mode of operation


Dessin fonctionnement

The NAD Klima NAC air curtain operates using the principle of hot air recovery

The integrated fans of the NAC recirculate the ambient air under the ceiling and project that air vertically
through the exclusive NAD Klima nozzles to the floor.

This creates a curtain that prevents unwanted elements from entering the warehouse.

The NAD Klima NAC air curtain has dual benefits, not only does it maintain the temperature inside your warehouse,
the air curtain does not require heating
because its' principle is based on the recuperation of the heat in the ceiling
by using energy efficient fans.




Automobiles Kia Beaucage, Sherbrooke

Automobiles Kia Beaucage, Sherbrooke



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Primewood Lumber-Drummondville-W

Autobus Girardin, Drummondvile

Autobus Girardin, Drummondvile





GH Chemical

GH Chemical


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The design of the NAC air Curtain is registered in Canada (181974) and patent pending in U.S.A. (U.S.D.P. )



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