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    The SAL 35 permits optimal configuration of the ventilation system to meet the requirements of a room.
    A variety of airstream configurations, even after the unit has been installed due to the eccentric rollers.
    The SAL 35’s technology provides high speed discharge of air with low acoustic power.


    Diffuseur SAL35

    The SAL 35 is available with one or multiple slots depending on the application and the required amount of air. The diffusers may be mounted in series, one behind the other, creating a continuous effect to the ceiling.

    The laminar flow, the stability and the high induction generated from the very start of the outlet vent make the SAL 35 the linear diffuser of choice for high air flow rates and variable air volumes.


    The SAL 35 diffuser has linear slots with 35 mm profiles. It is composed of extruded aluminum surfaces with  eccentric rollers which slide inside and are mounted on the plenum. Each diffuser is supplied with a stabilising chamber, allowing for a uniform and silent airflow.


    • Influence on the method of induction (diffuse mode), extension of jets (divergent mode) and a very long vertical stream in heating mode (divergent nozzle rollers).

    • Rapid reduction of flow speed and temperature variations caused by high induction

    • Low acoustic power for high airflow rates

    • Stable laminar airflow and a variety of airflow directions available

    • Eccentric rollers allowing 180° airflow adjustment

    • Possibility of adjusting airflows, even after installation

    • Possibility of reducing total airflow rate as much as 25% in VAV

    • Approximately3 times  more induction than a conventional linear diffuser

    • Approximately 3 times less temperature variation in occupied area than a traditionnal diffuser

    • Possibility of eliminating external heating sources due to the diffuser‘s heating abilities

    • Adaptable to systems requiring constant or variable airflows

    Areas of application

     • Rooms with average ceiling heights

    • Situations where the diffuser must adapt to the contours and colors of the room

    • Offices with partitioned workspaces

    • Clean rooms

    • Call centers

    • Closed offices

    • Computer rooms

    • Meeting rooms

    • Multi-purpose rooms

    • Systems with constant or variable airflow rates

    • Entrance halls (vertical air streams)

    • Fenestrated walls

    • Theaters

     Please consult the "How NAD" guide before making your choice of diffuser.
    You can download this guide and the product catalog from the "Download" section on this page.



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