ILV-VVAIndustrial diffuser

    The ILV and the VVA diffusers was designed to adequately respond to the particular needs of industrial settings.


    ILV VVA 2


    The diffuser ILV offers the possibility to select multiple diffusion configurations, for example, a horizontal (cooling) airflow, vertical (heating) or a localized diffusion of air in areas with high heat or harmful emissions.


    The ILV diffuser is installed directly below the ceiling or freely suspended. It is connected directly to a circular air feeding duct.


    The versatility of the ILV allows it to on one hand reach maximum range in heating mode and on the other hand in cooling mode. The air is pushed with a strong level of induction in a way which does not produce air currents in the occupied zone. With the ILV, the air is pulsed so that pollutants are sucked into the system and concentration of the harmful emissions is reduced more than in a conventional ventilation system.


    The diffuser VVA offers the capacity to diffuse very large quantities of air without creating air currents in work zones.


    The VVA can be adapted to suit many conditions and operational situations.


    • Adjustment of airflow from horizontal to vertical.
    • Rapid reduction of the speed and temperature.
    • No air currents generated when in cooling mode.
    • Localized air displacement in overheated areas.
    • Comfortable manual adjustment thanks to a cable.
    • Can be refitted with a motor even after primary installation.
    • Installation without a plenum.
    • Easily accessible actuator.
    • Wall mounting.

    Areas of application

    • Industries
    • Commercial spaces
    • Overheated workspaces
    • Polluted workspaces
    • Places with ceiling heights from 4 to 15m
    • Airflow volumes of 1000 to 10000m3/h


    Made Canada



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