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LDI 400LDI diffuser has been specially developed to meet the air requirements in places with high ceilings. Its design allows it to be installed in free suspension.

The LDI is a high induction helical air jet diffuser with a round or square steel frontal plate. It is equipped with adjustable blades which guide the air flow.

It can be installed in areas where maximum comfort is desired in commercial and industrial situations.
The diffuser can be installed in either gypsum or suspended ceilings or left apparent.

The ability to manually adjust the feed air-supply permits the user to adapt the speed, the height of penetration and the ratio of induction to meet the needs of the moment.




       Areas of application


       • Production workshops

       • Administrative offices

       • Commercial spaces

       • Assembly workshops

       • Multi-use workspaces

       • Printers





       • Continuous adjustment to control the air with planed changes or not,

         all while still maintaining critical airflow values.

       • Efficient procurement and systematic flow of fresh air to occupied areas.

       • Low installation costs due to ease of installation.

       • No cold air current close to the floor in occupied areas.

       • Reduction in air treatment energy costs.

       • Substantially shorter preheating phases due to an increase in the height of air jet penetration.



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