QALDisplacement diffuser

QAL Large

    The QAL air displacement diffuser is effective in areas that require high levels of comfort and in industrial areas. Adapted to the specific needs of the space, the QAL is manufactured in a circular, semi-circular, quarter circular or rectangular shape.


    QAL Produit


    The QAL diffuser is composed of a lacquered steel plate, a cover, a plinth, a mechanism for dividing the airflow and a spigot for the adjustment in the duct where it is normally situated in the upper part.

    Depending on the height of the space and the activities of the occupants, the cooling needs can vary from thirty (30) to fifty (50) W/m2.

    Due to its density, the colder air forms a layer of fresh air at ground level. Heat sources (whether human or machines) transmit their heat into the fresh air which is directed towards the ceiling which allows the freshest air to penetrate the occupied zone. This method of ventilation achieves the most comfort by moving stale air towards the ceiling and allows the introduction of fresh air from below.

    As a result, we obtain a significant improvement in the quality of air which demonstrates the advantages of the QAL diffuser in contrast to other traditional systems.


    • Low flow velocities in occupied areas.

    • Increased air quality in occupied areas.

    • Removal capacity of 30 W/m2 and 50 W/m2 (depending on degree of activity).

    Areas of application

    • Individual offices

    • Shared offices

    • Conference rooms

    • Restaurants

    • Cinemas

    • Gymnasiums

    • Industrial workshops

    • Laboratories

    • Businesses

    • Hall



    Made Canada






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