Swirl diffusers

DAL 358

[table][table66]The DAL 358 permits optimal configuration of the ventilation system to meet the ventilation requirements of a room.

The eccentric rollers allow for a variety of airstream configurations, even after the unit has been installed.
The DAL 358’s technology provides high speed air discharge with low acoustic power.

dal358 NB




[table][table66]The DRS is a high induction helical air jet diffuser with a round or square steel frontal plate. It is equipped with bent blades which guide the air flow.

Diffuseur DRS


DAL 359

[table][table66]The DAL 359 can be adapted to optimize the ventilation system to meet the spatial requirments. The large number of winglets have good ventilation and acoustic qualities (shaped in the form of an aircraft wing). They allow installation even in spaces with high ceilings and high refrigeration needs.


359 seul