INDUCTOSpecialized diffuser

INDUCTO grande

INDUCto ProdThe INDUCTO diffuser from NAD Klima is specially designed to efficiently ventilate concert halls, convention halls, theaters, auditoriums etc.

It is available in two basic models, a basic column supporting the seat or a free-standing unit. The support section supplies fresh air to the users and equally to the entire room. The perforated column is mounted on a floor support and the seat is fixed to the upper part of the column with the use of special adaptors (support, flange). The costs of the air conditioning equipment, the system of air ducts and the air system accessories are considerably reduced due to the lower quantity of primary air which is required.



         Areas of application


       • Theatres

       • Concert halls

       • Auditoriums

       • Convention halls

       • Cinemas





       • Comfortable air conditioning.

       • Creates a micro-climate.

       • Low amounts of fresh air.

       • Models may or may not support a seat.

       • Low quantity of primary air.

       • Low visibility.



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