VALCeiling diffuser

VAL grande

VAL seulThe VAL variable air diffuser includes an internal control dial which allows manual or motorized adjustment to adapt to diverse situations.

The distinctive characteristics of the airflow allow installation of the diffuser recessed into the ceiling or suspended at heights of up to 15m with a feed flow which can reach 3000 m3/h.

Not requiring a plenum, the VAL diffuser is connected directly to the air duct or using an elbow







        Areas of application


       • Individual offices

       • Administration areas

       • Large retail stores

       • Meeting rooms

       • Multi-purpose rooms

       • Cinemas

       • Sports rooms

       • Industrial halls

       • Conference or convention halls





       • Highly adjustable depth of penetration.

       • Suspended or recessed installation.

       • Suitable for heating and cooling.

       • Manual or motorized adjustmen.

       • Attractive appearance.



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