DRSSwirl diffuser


Diffuseur DRSThe DRS is a high induction helical air jet diffuser with a round or square steel frontal plate. It is equipped with bent blades which guide the air flow.

The DRS can be installed in areas where maximum comfort is desired in commercial and industrial situations.
The diffuser can be installed in either gypsum or suspended ceiling.



         Areas of application


       • Offices
       • Meeting rooms
       • Department stores
       • Systems with constant or variable airflow

       • Recommended for areas with a ceiling

          height between 3 and 6m which need

          air conditioning.
       • Restaurants





       • Optimal airflow
       • Low acoustic power
       • Rapid reduction of speed and temperature variations caused by high induction
       • Twice the induction of a conventional 4-directional diffuser



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SAQ Dépôt, Sherbrooke
SAQ Dépôt, Sherbrooke
DRS - Cooperative funéraire de l'Estrie
DRS---Restaurant Delice Levis
DRS - Aréna Thibault, Sherbrooke
DRS - Centre de foires, Sherbrooke
DRS - Pub-MacIntosh, Bromont
SAQ Dépôt, Sherbrooke