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LEED NC "Golden" Certification


PEPS, Université Laval

Québec, Qué.  


    A privileged place for physical activities and sports since 1970, the PEPS at Université Laval has added a centre for indoor soccer-football to its installations. This new centre has propelled Laval to the top of the list of state-of-the-art sports complexes in Quebec, and even in all of Canada.


    The building is covered with a large curved roof comprised of a laminated wood frame supported by 13 variable-inertia arches. Steel elements are used to secure the spring-back beams and the wooden arches, creating a hybrid structure. The RDD duct diffusers are integrated directly into the metal structure of the building in order to appear virtually invisible.


    The use of wood materials was a requirement of Université Laval in that the institution wanted to construct a sustainable building. The aesthetic and acoustic qualities of this structure are some of the major reasons this stadium is a remarkable achievement. Natural ventilation of the building is enhanced by its sculpted shape, its opening windows and its westerly exposure, providing the current of dominant summer breezes. The building easily cools in summer, maximizing the intake of cool air for the players’ comfort.


    The array of "green" measures incorporated into the stadium’s design ensure important savings in the management of the building.


    Architect : H2A Architects
    Engineers : Consortium CIMA / Genivar


    PEPS Universite Laval

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