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LEED Certification


The Waterpark

Blainville, Qué.


    Construction of a new 2768 m2 waterpark. This modern 2 story building is the first to house a 10 lane, 25 m x 25 m pool in Québec, including bleachers able to seat 230 spectators. Furthermore, this spacious facility has 6 trampolines, a 5-metre tower, a two-tier recreational 10 m x 10 m water basin, a 4000 ft2 multi usage room and a triple locker room including a family lock room. There is also a food court.


    Inspired by a desire for ecological development, the construction of this waterpark was designed with a LEED certification in mind with the highest environmental standards.


    Special care was taken when designing the outer shell of the building as well as the building materials. The ingenuity of the electromechanical systems and the thermal shell render the project energy efficient. The NAD Klima FDD diffuser de-statificate the air in the pool area allowing for maximum comfort and energy efficiency.


    The building blends into the serene setting and the surrounding nature while supporting LEED norms.


    Architects : Tremblay, L'Écuyer



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