entete LEED

LEED "SILVER" Certification



St-Hyacinthe, Qué.  


    The Synergia complex is the home of Groupe Robin, which benefits from many ecological and energy efficient improvements. It stands out primarily because of its imposing wooden structure and the copious widows which favours natural lighting.


    Its energy efficiency begins with the installation of a solar wall as well as the recycling of the heat in order to pre-heat the inflow of air in the ventilation system. The NAD Klima, RRA air diffusers distribute the air in the peripheral zones.


    Centralized numeric controls with sensors measure the level of CO2 allowing for the adjustment in the ventilation system proportional to the occupation level.



    Architect : Lemay
    Engineer : Carbonic


    Synergia B
     Photo: Myriam Lafrenière

    Synergia A
    Photo : Myriam Lafrenière

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