Boucherville, Qué.

Transcontinental Boucherville 


 The Transcontinental printing factory in Boucherville, Qué. operates year-round non-stop 24/7.
It occupies approximately 200 000 ft2 of area.
The factory houses 5 printing presses powered by powerful engines, while the ink drying is realised with the help of natural gas ovens.
Water is used to cool the presses as well as the factory which generates considerable heat.


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Air diffusion ventilation with the FDD duct diffuser

Wiptec homepage 


Wiptec logistics has been specialised for the past 10 years in the supply of 3PL services such as the preparation of orders at the B2B and B2C levels (E-commerce). They also offer a multitude of varied secondary services including kit assembly, packaging labeling, etc. As a supplier of logistics solutions, Wiptec oversees partially or totally the logistics operations of its clients.

Their services are available throughout Canada: Montreal, Vancouver and their headquarters in Sherbrooke.


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