HDQSpecialized diffuser


In many production procedures and particularly in the food industry, sanitary requirements are very high in all steps of production from the first to the last.

It is therefore imperative that the air which is diffused in the work space is free of germs and dust particles. Therefore the particles produced during the production process must be evacuated as rapidly as possible from the work space. In addition, the work spaces and the technical equipment must be accessible for easy and quick cleaning.

Hygienic food processing often requires a narrow temperature range to be maintained, and more particularly between the limits of 0°C and 10°C.

Naturally, the temperatures must be achieved without creating uncomfortable drafts of air for the people working in those zones.

The HDQ hygienic filtration ceiling meets all of these requirements. It was designed to meet the needs of industrial butchers but its performance rapidly positioned it in other areas with similar specific needs.


         Areas of application


       • Food industry

       • Pharmaceutical industry

       • White room

       • Hospitals

       • White work spaces

       • Kitchens

       • Garbage sorting installations





       • Its modular design allows the HDQ to be adapted to most types of workspace.

       • A stretched film in an aluminum frame serves as a filter.

         IT is easy to remove and can be cleaned in an industrial washing machine.

       • The interior of the modules can be cleaned with a high pressure jet when

         the aluminum frames are removed.

       • With integration of lighting, work areas become safer.

       • The HDQ targets areas which have very specific hygiene requirements.

         This feature can lead to high energy savings because it is not the entire space

         which is being treated.

       • No drafts, because there is very low turbulence generated by the air flow.



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