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    The design of the BD floor diffuser is the result of extensive testing of diffusers which emanate from the floor. This diffuser is inserted flush with the floor.


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    A flow of air is produced in the pressure chamber which is isolated from the feed in an adjustable receptacle which serves as collector of impurities. The restrictor valve is integrated into the pressure chamber which allows for variable air flows.


    To create a diffusion grid, the vents are arranged in an offset triangular pattern with a circular center. This arrangement produces a vertical movement of air with angle of dispersion around 30° when it mixes with the ambient air.


    It creates a zone of hot air which corresponds to the occupied part of the room. Thus the BD diffuser represents an effective method for pushing air from the bottom to the top.


    The profile of the temperature and speed in the vertical and horizontal directions guarantees maximum comfort.


    The design of the diffuser leads to a very high level of satisfaction thanks, in part, to the quality of the extremely resilient materials, and in other part due to the ingenious geometry of the diffusion vents which promote the mixing of the ambient air forming a zone of comfort. These are guarantees of safety and effectiveness.


    The use of the BD floor diffuser creates appreciable comfort while requiring a supply of fresh air which is 20% lower.
    The results are conclusive, at least 16 to 20% less energy consumption in comparison with a traditional system with a feed temperature of 15°C.



    • Low volume of air and low energy consumption

    • High flexibility and easy to install

    • Comfort optimized thanks to the vertical diffusion.

    Areas of application

    • Commercial spaces

    • Offices

    • Computer rooms

    • Cinemas

    • Theaters

    • Other spaces which have a traditional raised sub-floor.


    Made Canada


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